Virtual Physio FAQs

If our physiotherapist thinks you might need hands on treatment they will advise you if this is needed.

We ask you about your pain and find out how it happened, when it’s sore and what movements bring on the pain. Most types of painful structures in the body follow a certain type of pattern when moved/ or not moved. This means we can often figure out what is wrong simply by talking with you. After our chat we will then get you to complete certain movements, this will help the physiotherapist to check what they think is causing the pain.

Hands on treatment forms a small portion of what we do as Physiotherapists. We also offer advice about your diagnosis, how to manage your pain, what types of things to avoid, provide you with positions of ease and design tailored rehabilitation programs that can be monitored with any follow up calls.

All major health insurance companies are now covering telehealth/ virtual physiotherapy/ video physiotherapy. To check your own policy details please ring your own health insurance company.