Online Pilates

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Get fit, strong and flexible with our tailored online pilates classes

Class Timetable

Monday 10am & 6pm

Tuesday 10am

Thursday 10am & 6.45pm

Friday 10am


Physiotherapy led Pilates

Feel safe knowing your online Pilates class is led by a physiotherapist. We believe that having a Pilates class led by a physio helps us stand out among the crowd because you get the benefit of their medical background as well as their knowledge of pain and rehabilitation. We make sure we get to know everyone in the class before you even start. We listen to your history, learn more about where you’re at in your Pilates journey and tailor our approach to you.

Unlike other Pilates classes in gyms or large video databases online, you won’t become a number in our class. We will tailor the exercises to you. We watch you and will correct you. We keep it personal.

How does Online Pilates work?

For our online Pilates classes we use an app called ZOOM. This allows us to see everyone in the class at the same time on our laptop. Set up your device beforehand so you get exactly the right angles – click here to check out our blog post about how to set up your device. When you log in you’ll get to chat and meet other people in the class before it starts. When the class starts the instructor will explain everything you need to know. You will then set your app so you can only see the instructor on your screen – this way you won’t get distracted by what other people are doing. This way it also feels like a one on one class. The classes last 30 minutes so it’s easier to fit more classes into your schedule in a week. After the class there will be more time to chat and talk as a group.

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