About Virtual Physio

How online physiotherapy works

We have taken our telehealth physiotherapy service seriously and invested a lot of time, effort and training into developing a process that makes it easy for you.

Our virtual clinic is easy to use for absolutely everyone.

All you need is a device that has a camera. So whether that’s an iPad/ iPhone/ android phone/ tablet/ laptop or desktop computer with a webcam you can access our online virtual physiotherapy services.

In the comfort of your own home you can now see and speak with a fully qualified and chartered Physiotherapist.

Your physiotherapist will ask you about the history and nature of your pain/ injury, and by the end of this section the physio will have a clinical impression about what is causing your pain/ injury.

To help confirm this possible diagnosis your physio will then get you to complete a few tests via the video link.

The physio will then inform you of their clinical impression and the best management strategies.

We are trained to keep you safe.

As professionals we are trained to identify if there is anything serious that would indicate you require further medical advice/ investigations, which needs onward referral to your doctor or A+E. If we suspect you may need further assessment we will inform you via our video call.

By using our Online Virtual Physiotherapy service via video call you can get access to advice, education, dos and don’ts, load management techniques, a tailored rehabilitation package, follow up advice about progression and prevention tips for the future.

  • There is a lot of evidence to show that virtual physiotherapy using video software works. It’s now being used all over the world by some of the leading professionals in the industry because of its success rate. Studies are showing that patients are satisfied with the results and reported ease of use.
  • Telehealth decreases the burden of travel on families and people who work but struggle to fit an appointment into their already busy life.
  • Telehealth services can actually help to empower you as you don’t rely on hands on treatment. Your physio can provide you with strategies to work on at home. An important part of physiotherapy is to follow an individualised exercise programme, which is designed to mobilise, strengthen and prevent recurrence. With our video software, this specific exercise programme can be viewed on our new app on your own phone, which will guide and remind you regularly to complete your rehab.

Here at advance physiotherapy & sports injury clinic we have over 50 years of combined clinical experience within our team. We have dedicated time and effort in the development of telehealth services. We have ensured our staff are trained up in the best possible implementation of our video calls so that you get the best possible experience. At advance physio we have completed comprehensive training on possible case scenarios and patient presentations so that no matter what we assess and treat via telehealth you can be assured of quality, honesty and professional advice.

We work with all major health insurance companies and they are all covering our telehealth services. To check your own policy details you should ring your health insurance company.